UVM lawyers-up, again — Now they will not produce contractually required Dept of Economics FEGs (Faculty Evaluation Guidelines)

It is hard to be surprised by UVM’s arbitrary behavior anymore, but the latest in a round of emails with me about missing FEGs makes clear something is seriously amiss up on the hill.  Pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that UVM has with its teachers and United Academics (UA), a copy of approved

For the record – my Reply to UVM’s Opposition to my Motion to Reconsider (and Recuse)

The Vermont Labor Relations Board (VLRB) denied my Motion to Reconsider their decision following revelations that the VLRB chair is in an ethically conflicted relationship with UVM, or gives the impression to any reasonable person that financial, professional, personal and prejudicial factors pose or appear to pose a potential for conflict of interest. The VLRB

Help me get a fair hearing of my grievance for wrongful denial of my right to teach in the UVM’s economics department

“John is a huge asset to UVM…exceptional, approachable, fair and challenging…students enjoy his teaching.” —  Associate Dean Patricia Corcoran, Director of UVM’s Student Affairs Division. The above words were taken from a letter written by Dean Corcoran in support of my reappointment as lecturer in the University of Vermont’s Department of Economics, where I successfully

Getting out of Plato’s Cave with a dose of sociology of the economics profession

Everybody loves a little gossip, especially when it turns out to be true and reveals how reality is not what it appears to be (viz., exposing deceptions). That is why my favorite approach to inspiring students about economics was first and foremost sociological — informing students about how economics as a profession has constituted itself

Debunking the Chair’s “error” claim (an infidel defends his use of quotation marks around the word “equilibrium”)

Balancing on my Hobie “Peter Pan Slug” long board as sets of ocean waves  passed under me at Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island last week, my thoughts naturally turned to the idea of equilibrium — equilibrium with Nature. There I was — balancing while sitting on my surf board, balancing while paddling to catch waves,

Let’s get rid of business schools — and their ideological influence over thought in economics departments

I was thrilled to learn of this new book by Martin Parker about business schools and what is wrong with management education (of course, thinking immediately of Grossman School of Business and its unabashed promotion of unfettered capitalism with links to UVM’s Dept of Economics). As I read the passage below from a review of Parker’s book

My paper about being railroaded out of teaching by UVM’s Dept of Economics to be presented at international conference.

I’ve received official acceptance from the International Society for Ecological Economics of my paper about being removed from teaching at the University of Vermont under very questionable circumstances (and hostility to ecological models being presented to students). As I have written, myself and many others believe this was a purge by a gang of arrogant