UVM Provost grievance “review” committee sweeps “smoking-gun” email and other evidence under the rug

Reading the report released by the Provost-level grievance review committee (containing one member picked by the Provost) is a lesson in feckless union support (the committee had a union representative) and the near uselessness of the entire grievance process due to the extremely narrow focus on procedural matters. In this context, given my alleged violation

Prosecutor in Chief – UVM’s Dept of Economics Chair motioned to suppress evidence of my teaching effectiveness

Take a look at the email I found today in the pile of emails released per my public records request (see link below).  It is an email showing Econ. Dept. Chair Solnick acting like a prosecutor trying to have Associate Dean Patty Corcoran’s letter of support for my reappointment removed from my dossier before sending

The purge ‘smoking-gun’ email found and released. Will the Provost ignore this? Probably.

Some revealing (and quite appalling) email exchanges between Chair of the University of Vermont’s Department of Economics and several senior members of the department cast new light on my purge allegation. An email obtained from one of my public records requests, per the Vermont Public Records Act, demonstrates a shared motivation to make sure I get