If they cannot kick out Marxian economists, then try burying them with ‘vibrant’ economists and a wad of cash from Koch

If they cannot kick you out for teaching Marxian economics, then there is always the bury them approach. Get some Koch money, build a new institute and hire half a dozen economists teaching a ‘vibrant suite’ of economics that works for Wall Street. I have got to get out to the University of Utah and

UVM Provost grievance “review” committee sweeps ‘smoking-gun’ email and other evidence under the rug

Reading the report released by the Provost-level grievance review committee (containing one member picked by the Provost) is a lesson in feckless union support (the committee had a union representative) and the near uselessness of the entire grievance process due to the extremely narrow focus on procedural matters and deference to the administration’s side (hardly