UVM Provost grievance “review” committee sweeps “smoking-gun” email and other evidence under the rug

Reading the report released by the Provost-level grievance review committee (containing one member picked by the Provost) is a lesson in feckless union support (the committee had a union representative) and the near uselessness of the entire grievance process due to the extremely narrow focus on procedural matters and deference to the administration’s side (hardly

“Monte Verde University 2045” is now! (viz., UVM on the corporate dole)

It is refreshing to see some biting satire of higher education being presented by United Academics in a “staged reading and discussion of  cautionary comic tale about the future of the corporate university,” suggesting how how “we can stop UVM from becoming Monte Verde U”.  But 2045? Well, how about 2017! Wall Street fingerprints are