A “sort of nepotism running rampant in university economic departments” – yep, and I am a victim of it.

The UVM economics department has moved from the left to the right during the past 20 years with the pattern of hires, fires, quits, deaths and retirement. Today, despite a few so-called ‘prog’ economists left, UVM economics has emerged now dominated by neoclassicals, while the remaining few who call themselves non-neoclassical have moved to tolerable,

Nothing but a ‘third-rate, non-academic’. One lovely comment to Rick Wolff’s interview with me in NYC

If you would like to get a clear summary of the facts regarding my removal from teaching by UVM’s Dept of Economics and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, have a listen to  (or watch) the interview economist Rick Wolff conducted with me in the studios of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) July

If they cannot kick out Marxian economists, then try burying them with ‘vibrant’ economists and a wad of cash from Koch

If they cannot kick you out for teaching Marxian economics, then there is always the bury them approach. Get some Koch money, build a new institute and hire half a dozen economists teaching a ‘vibrant suite’ of economics that works for Wall Street. I have got to get out to the University of Utah and