Don’t Be Fooled by Harvard Econ. Dept. Chair Greg Mankiw’s Fake Claims of His Unbiased Economics 10

Reading Mankiw’s defense against protesters of his “mainstream” economics lectures at Harvard, I noticed a remarkable similarity to the claims against my teaching by the UVM’s Dept of Economics chair — who happens to be a Harvard econ grad, so hardly surprising. Mankiw uses the same arguments UVM’s Chair of the Department of Economics is using against my teaching –  that I introduce bias and students need a solid foundation before they are introduced to any challenges to the standard model. See my earlier post showing the sleight of hand at work here. But as Thomas Michl notes in a letter to the NYTs coverage of the incident from 2011, this is a false picture, just as is the picture the Dept of Economics is painting about my lectures, which I have fully debunked and made available to the public. CLICK HERE TO GO THE POST TO READ Michl’s letter. Or click the icon below. To read Mankiw’s defense, click here.