If they cannot kick out Marxian economists, then try burying them with ‘vibrant’ economists and a wad of cash from Koch

Coming to a university economics program near you.

If they cannot kick you out for teaching Marxian economics, then there is always the bury them approach. Get some Koch money, build a new institute and hire half a dozen economists teaching a ‘vibrant suite’ of economics that works for Wall Street. I have got to get out to the University of Utah and investigate this some, and maybe set up some film interviews for Class Action: The Global Insurgency Against Establishment Economics, which now has its trailer public. For the ‘pluralism’ push at Univ. of Utah (viz., drowning out one of the ‘last bastions’ of Marxian economics), see this nauseating article about getting some ‘good’ economics, finally! For my new film trailer, please view this page.