“Monte Verde University 2045” is now! (viz., UVM on the corporate dole)

It is refreshing to see some biting satire of higher education being presented by United Academics in a “staged reading and discussion of  cautionary comic tale about the future of the corporate university,” suggesting how how “we can stop UVM from becoming Monte Verde U”.  But 2045? Well, how about 2017! Wall Street fingerprints are all over UVM, as seen below (see Giving to UVM Summary for Schwab and Fidelity link to a pdf file obtained through my Vermont Public Records Act documents request  — much more is available for those interested).

See below for the “Monte Verde University 2045″event date, time and location.

United Academics Presents

“Monte Verde University 2045”
A Satirical Examination of Life and Debt in the Corporate University

7 pm, Monday, May 1 Waterman 413

More from the email promotion:

“The year is 2045 and the market takeover of public higher education is nearly complete: magisterial administrators, production-line education, a downsized professoriate, and debt-indentured students.”

I love this kind of satire. However, I would add “on the corporate dole” to the list of Monte Verde University 2045 characteristics list above (to be fair, perhaps it is implied in that list), as well as “stifling of academic freedom and diversity of ideas” (which is implied but should be front and center).

For the corporate dole-related characteristics, we definitely don’t need to wait until 2045! See attached for just one example of how Wall Street has its hands all over our university — just for starters.

Here are some Monte Verde…er UVM 2017 corporate fingerprints:

Giving to UVM Summary for Schwab and Fidelity

I have more donor data on Goldman Sachs, Bank of Boston, State Street, etc. Plus behemoths, like GE, Pfizer and other multinational corporations. I find it interesting Monte Verde University 2045 does not include this dimension, or perhaps it does and I did not see it.

Exxon-Mobil still giving to UVM, too.  I have the latest on that, including $100,000 last year!