Nothing but a ‘third-rate, non-academic’. One lovely comment to Rick Wolff’s interview with me in NYC

If you would like to get a clear summary of the facts regarding my removal from teaching by UVM’s Dept of Economics and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, have a listen to  (or watch) the interview economist Rick Wolff conducted with me in the studios of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) July 19, 2017. I traveled into NYC just for the 30-minute interview with Rick Wolff, who produces a weekly program called Economic Update, which is syndicated worldwide via radio and television. While I am sure some listeners/viewers found it interesting to know the facts, especially those who have heard about the case (my grievance is currently before the Vermont Labor Relations Board), I was surprised to find one listener who simply rejected my worth as a guest, period! In fact, to this person, I am just a ‘third-rate, non-academic’ because I was once a steel worker and oil refinery worker, and even a one-time hedge fund manager. I suppose this ‘engineer’ considers work outside academic economics as disqualifying me as an academic, since he describes me as a ‘non-academic’ despite having a Ph.D in economics from the New School for Social Research. He displays the same arrogance that many in the economics profession possess, defining for themselves, as it suits them, what constitutes academic and non-academic. I am not sure what Mr.