John Summa, Ph.D is a retired lecturer of economics with over 30 years of teaching experience. He currently works as an economics consultant for attorneys while working on several books and documentary films. A former professional freestyle skier, John also is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist, and author of several books on financial derivatives published by John Wiley & Sons. This blog presents critical perspectives on the economics profession, a continuation through the written word of his teaching following his controversial 2017 expulsion for not teaching “good economics” while at the University of Vermont (UVM).¬†

In addition to continuing his teaching through writing for his blog, John is completing a new book based on his experience at UVM (and his grievance taken all the way to Vermont’s Supreme Court). The book is titled, Class Canceled: Silencing a Lone Voice of Dissent (in the ‘Gig Academy’). He has two other books in production, as well. Dead Ideas from New Economists: The Failure of Modern Economics in the Age of Climate Change and The¬†Invisible Foot of Markets: Social and Ecological Costs of Capitalist Accumulation. To contact John, please send an email to info(@)johnsumma.com. You can learn more about John here.