John Summa, Ph.D is a retired lecturer of economics with over 30 years of teaching experience. He currently works as an economics consultant for attorneys. A former professional freestyle skier, John also is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist, and author of several books on financial derivatives published by John Wiley & Sons. This blog presents critical perspectives on the economics profession, a continuation through the written word of his teaching following his controversial 2017 expulsion from teaching for not teaching “good economics” while at the University of Vermont (UVM). 

In addition to continuing his teaching through writing for his blog, John is completing a new book based on his experience at UVM (and his grievance taken all the way to Vermont’s Supreme Court). The book is titled, Class Canceled: Silencing a Lone Voice of Dissent (in the ‘Gig Academy’). He has two other books in production, as well. Dead Ideas from New Economists: The Failure of Modern Economics and The Invisible Foot of Markets: Social and Ecological Costs of Capitalist Accumulation. To contact John, please send an email to info(@)johnsumma.com. You can learn more about John here.