Sign the Stop the UVM Purge Petition — Let’s Move This to 1,000 Signers.

In just about 3 weeks, UVM students, current and former, current and retired faculty and other citizens from around the world outraged at UVM’s despotic behavior have signed to demand my reappointment. I am humbled and inspired by this outpouring of support of me. Most heartening is the fact that many are standing up for their rights, academic freedom rights, both of teachers and students, to teach and hear diverse points of view, no matter how uncomfortable they might make some in positions of academic power feel. Click here to add your name to the petition and help us get this to 1,000, so we can deliver it again to the Provost and President of UVM in the next week, but with 500 more signatures since the last delivery. Let them know they cannot dispose of popular, challenging teachers who refuse to conform to a one-size-fits all view of economics. Thank you for your concern and support. John Summa