UVM purges redux circa early 1970s

It does not take too much effort to uncover the hidden history of the deep state of UVM. The early 1970s saw a wave of purges at UVM, including Harvey Salgo from the Department of Economics. Here is a summary of the Michael Parenti case. Note how it put in jeopardy UVM’s accreditation, which is up again for renewal in 2019. Perhaps enough complaints to the accreditation board will put UVM on notice that they cannot walk all over student and faculty academic freedom rights.

Take a look at this letter to editor at the Harvard Crimson for a taste of the trouble UVM got itself into. The Parenti case never made it to trial because UVM made a settlement out of court to Parenti to prevent that, which was followed by the purging of Salgo (a Parenti supporter, and left political economist from Dept of Economics) and others in an ideological house cleaning, which followed purges in previous decades and proceeded more in those those to come. For more on the wave of purging following Parenti’s financial settlement offer, see my re-post of Garrison Nelson’s tribute to the late Will Miller. -JS