The Hunting Ground — and the deep money state at universities

The Hunting Ground reveals a cap-and-gown mafia protection racket for rapists on campus. Money, brand and old-boy networks trump equal rights under the law.

Watching The Hunting Ground recently was eye-opening, but not because of the story itself (outrageous and despicable as it is) about rape culture on campus. What was so shocking was the degree to which universities and colleges provide a protection racket for this culture of violence. Why? As the film reveals, because of big money! Universities need to protect their brand, and this is because a good brand brings monetary benefits. The degree to which administration officials at universities and colleges participate in what amounts to a mafia-like protection racket is alarming, as the film documents.

Clearly not on the same level of rape (which is criminal behavior), I have witnessed and documented similar adminstration behavior in fighting against my wrongful denial of reappointment. As I have proven in my case, administration officials lied under oath, faked claims about my teaching, and officials ignored evidence of this behavior to cover behavior of lower officials (the Chair). In fact, when I first came forward with evidence in my rebuttal of false claims about my teaching, the Dean used it against me by saying that this was evidence I was not open to criticism. That is, a strong argument I made in my rebuttal to the Chair following the vote to remove me from the Dept. of Economics was used by the Dean to claim I was not open to criticism! This itself is a form of denial of due process, as it is my right to submit a rebuttal in my defense. Fortunately, during my hearing I proved how peer and Chair claims that I was using “text-heavy” slides and not teaching the standard neoclassical model “fully and fairly” were just that — claims. Claims that had no factual basis, as all could see.

If you want see to what extent universities and colleges will go to massacre the truth when it suits their interest, watch The Hunting Ground.  You will learn how a real protection racket operates — one donning a cap-and-gown. ~JS